Monday, April 11, 2005

So, HA!

mocha: All my lols will be truthful from now on.
sarah: Now there's a vow for the ages.
sarah: Post that on your blog and smoke it!
mocha: Yes, stick this up your blog!
sarah: And smoke it!
mocha: lol
sarah: You'd better use that, or I will.
sarah: I give you THREE DAYS.
mocha: Wait--
mocha: which one?
sarah: All of it!
mocha: You're giving me "put that in your blog and smoke it?"
mocha: But I'm using it right now!
sarah: No, i want it AND I want all "my lols will be truthful"
sarah: Or we can swap.
sarah: Or i'll just post this IM.

*note: please look at the post just under this one, about my show.


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